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The Georgia Air Quality & Climate Summit is a biennial forum for the exchange of information related to all aspects of air quality and climate in Georgia.

The 2008 Summit was held on May 6-7 on the
campus of Georgia Tech and hosted by:
- School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
- Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems
- Air Resources Engineering Center

The 2008 Summit in the News:
- Macon Telegraph 5/7/08
- Georgia Public Radio 5/12/08

Inaugural Summit: 2006

Nearly 300 delegates attending the 2nd Georgia Air Quality & Climate Summit learned what resident Georgia scientists, government officials, and business leaders believe about climate change, what effects climate change may have on the state, and what, if any, plans and actions are being taken in response. In turn, the delegates replied with insight on ways in which a concerted and comprehensive statewide climate action plan might be developed. Finally, those attending also learned about the latest developments in Georgia's air quality - from new air quality standards, to managing smoke from prescribed burning in forests, to what one needs to know about smog and exercise, traffic congestion and air quality, biofuels, and controlling emissions from non-road mobile sources.

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